Neesha takes on the London Marathon

SSAFA employee takes on the London Marathon

Neesha's marathon journey: part two

22 March 2017

Neesha takes on the London Marathon for SSAFA

Keep track of Neesha's training progress for the London Marathon with her blog.

"And so it starts...

Despite being slightly behind with my planning and prep (in comparison to other runners), I was keen to get into gear. Although with the best intentions my upcoming two week holiday which was due to start the following week was going to slightly hinder progress. I decided to go on holiday and focus my efforts upon my return.

Whilst I was away however my Mum (bless her), beat me to making a start on my fundraising by putting together a beautiful Christmas hamper for me to raffle. Slightly nervous at what sort of response I would get (what with being right on top of Christmas) I kept the raffle to work colleagues, close friends and family – despite my anxiety the fundraising was off the ground and I managed to raise over £300.

I had started researching marathon training programmes and to say there is a whole raft of info out there was an understatement and in fact I found it quite overwhelming. After talking to various people who had previously participated in marathon the common advice I was getting was, ‘follow a programme but whatever you do, it needs to feel right for you’ To avoid complicating the matter I decided to follow the 17 week programme published on the Virgin London Marathon website.  

17 weeks from the marathon made it that I should have started my training on Christmas day... however, I had to factor in that I knew I would be having a week off of running in January for a ski holiday (with the best will in the world I knew I would never be able to run up a snowy mountain). So come 18th December the training commenced!

In a moment of madness and to show my commitment to the cause I decided to give up alcohol on the first day that I started the training programme. It seemed a good idea at the time and at any other time of the year it wouldn’t have been a problem, but with Christmas events still to come and and New Year itself it was obvious I clearly hadn’t thought this through. Still not being one to give in, I had made me decision and I really wanted to try and stick to it.  Over the whole Christmas period I am pleased to say I only treated myself to a small Bailey’s on Christmas day – well deserved I would say.

The first couple of weeks of training at the end of December were good and I enjoyed having different structured runs compared to what I normally do. The question is, how will I fair as the programme goes on?"

Neesha is hosting a bake sale on Saturday 1st April from 12-3pm in the community room at Tesco Roneo Corner, Romford (located within the store towards the back, next to the bakery). It will be in the format of a coffee morning, so bring along friends and family.

We will be publishing updates on Neesha's progress up until the marathon. You can help her hit her target here.