lulu sings with military wives choir
5 February 2016

Lulu and the Military Wives Choir

Singer/songwriter Lulu excited to perform with a different Military Wives Choir every night of her thirty five UK tour dates.

This year, legendary singer Lulu is going on tour, and taking the Military Wives Choir with her. At each of her thirty five UK tour dates, Lulu will perform her new single, ‘Cry’ with a different Military Wives Choir throughout March and April. This is something which has never been done before by a mainstream artist and the Choirs are thrilled to be involved.  

The song itself is inspired by Lulu’s diagnosis of PTSD from the violence she experienced throughout her childhood and the affinity it helped her to feel with soldiers suffering from the same issue, albeit from different circumstances.  As such, Lulu is generously donating all of the proceeds  to the Military Wives Choir Foundation charity.

In Lulu’s own words, “PTSD is not just about physical scars; it’s about the emotional scars, and they run very deep. They are enormous and very difficult to deal with. We need everybody’s support.''
Sara Scott, Trustee of The Military Wives Choirs Foundation, said, “We are delighted to team-up with the amazing Lulu for the release of ‘Cry’…the opportunity for different Military Wives Choirs to perform ‘Cry’ with Lulu at each date of her UK tour is such an honour.”

The Military Wives Choirs Foundation is part of the SSAFA family of charities – as well as being a charity in its own right - and aims to bring women in the military community closer together through singing.  Being part of a Military Wives Choir makes a positive difference to women’s lives by improving well-being, building friendships and developing skills. You can read more about the important work they do here.

‘Cry’ will be available to download and from Friday, 26th February. It will also be available to buy at each of Lulu’s tour dates.