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Just a drop please…Britain revealed as a nation of builder’s tea drinkers

16 June 2015

Just a drop please…Britain revealed as a nation of builder’s tea drinkers

The perfect cuppa is a highly personal matter, yet when it comes to tea there’s nothing us Brits love more than a nice strong cup of builder’s tea – our new poll has revealed.

SSAFA asked people to list their top tea turn-offs, with too much milk coming top with nearly two thirds (62%) of the vote.

And the results don’t make good reading for traditionalists, clearly highlighting the death of the teapot, with less than one in 10 of those polled (9%) using one when making a cuppa.

The poll comes ahead of SSAFA’s Big Brew Up campaign which takes place across the UK from 22-28 June. It encourages friends, colleagues and family members to host tea parties to raise vital funds for the Armed Forces family.

See below for the list of Britain’s top 10 tea turn-offs in full:

  1. Too milky (64%)
  2. Mug not rinsed out properly (63%)
  3. Watery residue on top of tea (53%)
  4. Bag left in the mug (52%)
  5. Mug of tea only half full (50%)
  6. Mug is chipped (46%)
  7. When tea has spilled into the saucer (32%)
  8. The mug isn’t properly dried, leaving rings on the desk (29%)
  9. The wrong type of tea is used (28%)
  10. Not milky enough (27%)

When to add milk to your cuppa also proved to be a contentious issue, with one in five of those polled saying they were annoyed when milk was added before water, and just one in 10 preferring the milk to go in first.

Deborah Easlick, Director of Fundraising, SSAFA, commented: ‘More than 60 billion cups of tea are drunk each year in Britain and people rightly have high standards when it comes to their perfect cuppa.

‘Our research has revealed that regardless of gender or age, the vast majority of us want to sit down with a nice strong cup of tea and perhaps a biscuit if we’re lucky.

‘We’re asking that people across the UK show their friends and colleagues how to make a perfect cup of tea, by hosting a Big Brew Up to raise money for our Armed Forces this month.’


£10… allows SSAFA to buy food vouchers for a struggling veteran, young or old, who has fallen on tough times.

£50… pays for a specialist SSAFA caseworker to provide extensive practical, financial and emotional support to rebuild a veteran’s life when things have hit rock bottom.

£100… pays for a family member to stay for a night close by to their loved one while they recuperate and adapt to life-changing injuries caused in Afghanistan.

£400… pays for a young person who has lost a brother or sister in conflict  to attend our Bereaved Siblings Support Group for a year.

For more information on how you can get involved in the Big Brew Up visit our website or email us.  Tweet @SSAFA to tell us about your #BigBrewUp