Free Wills Month: Sisters with gratitude

17 October 2016

Free Wills Month: Sisters with gratitude

Margaret Adams was so grateful for the support SSAFA had given to her younger sister that she left the charity a legacy in her will when she died in 2014. Her sister, Ruth Goldie, explains why.

“My sister Margaret was 11 when I was born and left home when she was 15 to join the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) even though she was too young.

“She was in for the duration of the war. When she came out, she got engaged and eventually married. She did a teacher training course for people leaving the services at Aberystwyth University. I think her experience in WAAF really made her who she was and definitely stayed with her.

“Unfortunately, I had a difficult marriage and left my husband when both my children were very young to come back to England from Germany. He didn’t support me so I applied to SSAFA a couple of times for help. They were very generous. I remember talking to my sister about the support I’d received, and she told me that she intended to leave money to SSAFA because of how they’d saved me.

“A few years ago I got into financial difficulty and had to leave my home, but the SSAFA office in Fulham saved my life again! They were wonderful. My sister was very grateful. For her to leave a gift to SSAFA was a lovely gesture. Doing something on someone else’s behalf is a wonderful thing. Now I intend to leave money to SSAFA myself. They really saved my life.”

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