Forces families celebrate the joys of adopting through SSAFA

Forces families celebrate the joys of adopting through SSAFA

13 October 2017

Forces families celebrate stories of adopting through SSAFA

This National Adoption Week, we're celebrating with an animation featuring success stories of its military adopters. The animation features the stories of two children showing what life is like living in a military family which looks to help dispel the myths of military adoption.

These myths include concerns around the lack of stability due to regular postings or deployment, misconceptions about parenting styles and a lack of awareness about the military lifestyle and the benefits of serving in the Armed Forces. SSAFA runs a registered adoption agency that works with local authorities to provide support for anyone who is currently serving who wishes to create a family through adoption.  The service has approved 322 military adopters since 1964 and offers lifelong support to families. From over 50 years of experience, SSAFA has found that military families are incredibly resilient and are able to offer a safe and stable environment for children to grow and enjoy a healthy, constant family life. 

Growing up on a military base offers a ready-made community of like-minded families who look out for one another and hold regular events and activities for children. All serving parents are offered up to 12 months adoption leave, can re-house families into larger family accommodation and many military families are able to have a home based parent. 

Stephen Richards, Head of SSAFA’s Adoption Service, said:Sadly, in some cases, members of the military are being overlooked as  their Forces commitments are seen as a barrier to adoption.

“From our 50 years of experience, we know a career in the military can prepare a potential adopter with many of the skills required to be a good parent including resilience, team work and being able to maintain strong relationships. 

“We are currently working in partnership with the Department for Education to help local authorities understand how well serving personnel are placed to become adopters and help them understand the benefits of the military lifestyle for vulnerable children.  Together, we hope to be able to provide more stability for adopted children with military families.”

If you or someone you know is currently serving and would like to adopt, encourage them to get in touch with SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. To find out more, click here.