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3 July 2014

Day six of the rally: Italy to Switzerland

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Day six of the rally: Italy to Switzerland- SSAFA

By Jim Morrison

Jim is co-driver in SSAFA's car for our Rally for Heroes 2014 charity challenge. In his day job, he looks after fundraising for SSAFA in Wales and the West of England.


Italy to Switzerland via Lichtenstein......probably.

The warm dry evening the night before had changed to a warm wet morning as we set off for Zurich. Today, the pack of 50 cars split into two groups; the ones who wanted to tackle the Stelvio Pass in 20ft visibility, possible ice and the rumour of roadworks and those valued their lives. As you can probably tell from my one sided summation, team SSAFA where on the life preserving side.

Our journey took us back up north past Innsbruck then west towards Vaduz. We stopped briefly for a coffee and bun in Lichtenstein and were served by waitresses in full traditional dress. You don't get that at the services off the M4. When I say we stopped in Lichtenstein, I can't be absolutely sure because the borders in mainland Europe are practically non-existent. Our UK signs proclaiming which country you have entered are larger than most of the European country signs.

Saying that, we were waved through the Swiss border (at least I think it was waving) and entered one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. We arrived in Horgen on the outskirts of Zurich by late afternoon and looked over the vast lake in awe and gratitude. A short walk into town (we underestimated it, it was 10 miles) we rewarded ourselves with a bratwurst and an ice cream by the edge of the lake. Tomorrow we tackle some of the most demanding and stunning mountain roads in Europe, the classic cloverleaf.

To show your support for Jim and his co-driver Private Jamie Hull - and for SSAFA - text ‘JRFH75 £5’ to 70070 and donate £5 or visit their fundraising page.