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4 July 2014

Day seven of the rally: The Swiss Alps

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Day seven of the rally: The Swiss Alps- SSAFA

By Jim Morrison

Jim is co-driver in SSAFA's car for our Rally for Heroes 2014 charity challenge. In his day job, he looks after fundraising for SSAFA in Wales and the West of England.


Today was planned for pure driving pleasure. We kept our base in Zurich and toured the Swiss Alps. The route took us out of town and then south past Lucern and along the lakeside by Speiz. Then we trekked into the Alps on single track mountain roads passing farms without roads leading to them. Herds of well fed cows wandered along swinging huge bells around their necks. Up close, the noise was immense, obviously designed so that it would carry across from one mountainside to another.

We travelled in a pack maintaining constant radio communication; those up front highlighting any hazards and the rear ensuring we kept together and maintained the unit. Children and locals waved and took pictures as we went through villages, their smiles reflecting the faces of all the drivers in the team.

We found that our navigation system started to stutter and have what seemed like a nervous collapse when we were deep into the Alps. This led so a certain amount of improvisation through the Entlebuch National park. Luckily one of our party knew the area and could speak fluent Swiss-German. He became known as the Oracle and he led us safely out of the mountains before night fall.

Tomorrow we head for Luxembourg.

To show your support for Jim and his co-driver Private Jamie Hull - and for SSAFA - text ‘JRFH75 £5’ to 70070 and donate £5 or visit their fundraising page.