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1 July 2013

Day four of the rally: Prague to Salzburg

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Day four of the rally: Prague to Salzburg- SSAFA

By Jim Morrison

Jim is co-driver in SSAFA's car for our Rally for Heroes 2014 charity challenge. In his day job, he looks after fundraising for SSAFA in Wales and the West of England.


Itinerary for today was to drive from Prague to Salzburg, Austria, taking in the view from the Eagles Nest on the way.

We left Prague in a fashion that is becoming common, ignoring the Sat Nav and determinedly heading towards a compass bearing. We tend to move in small packs, with three to four other rally cars. Today we were with a Datsun 240Z a couple of TVRs and an Audi TT. This way we can maintain a safe distance from each other, signal any upcoming hazards and keep up an almost constant stream of abusive banter via the radios.

By three o'clock we had reached the foothills of Berchtesgaden and we began the climb up to the renowned Eagles Nest; Adolf Hilter's retreat and at times command post. On a ridge, over one thousand metres up, the building overlooks Austria on one side and Germany on the other. It was here that decisions were made to over throw the German Government and start a new war. The sense of power from that view felt tangible and I was reminded of the terrible images of inhumanity we saw at Bergan Belsen Concentration camp.

After the tour we pretty much free wheeled all the way down to Salzburg where we spent an enjoyable evening eating schnitzels and fending off the waiter's insistent ploys to make us drink pine needle schnapps.

To show your support for Jim and his co-driver Private Jamie Hull - and for SSAFA - text ‘JRFH75 £5’ to 70070 and donate £5 or visit their fundraising page.