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2 July 2014

Day five of the rally: Salzburg to Italy

Keep track of our Rally for Heroes driving challenge team and their progress through Europe with driver Jim's daily blog.

Day five of the rally: Salzburg to Italy- SSAFA

By Jim Morrison

Jim is co-driver in SSAFA's car for our Rally for Heroes 2014 charity challenge. In his day job, he looks after fundraising for SSAFA in Wales and the West of England.


We left the clean ordered streets of Salzburg and headed for the mountains. Our route took us along valleys with thousand metre high sentries over shadowing miles of countryside all around us. We entered the Grossglockner National Park and began the 3000m accent up through thick forest which gradually thinned and became snow covered rock. Huge banks of compacted snow that never melt stood arching over us as we climbed the last few hair pins to the top of the pass. Some of the older cars found the lack of oxygen at this altitude difficult and a few stalled, but were quickly put back on track by our AA team.

The SSAFA wagon, as it is affectionately named, is a hybrid and when the going got tough on the petrol engine it switched over and used the electric. We glided to the top of the pass and stopped at a wonderful cafe and ate hot broth in the blinding (but cold) sunshine.

Coming down the other side into Italy we were greeted by large stout policemen with handlebar moustaches grinning amiably and waving as our troop drove through the toll gates into Italy, the land of passion and fast cars.

Our occasional messages that come through from home have told us that we have now raised £104,648 for SSAFA. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated and supported us so far. Every penny donated goes to SSAFA as we have paid the expenses for the trip ourselves. Our aim now is to raise as much as we can so that SSAFA can help all the families it needs to.

To show your support for Jim and his co-driver Private Jamie Hull - and for SSAFA - text ‘JRFH75 £5’ to 70070 and donate £5 or visit their fundraising page.