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27 November 2013

Campaign from SSAFA breaks down barriers to Forces family support

Our latest campaign aimed at Forces families is breaking down the barriers that prevent the military community from asking for support.

Campaign from SSAFA breaks down barriers to Forces family support

SSAFA's latest advertising campaign is breaking down the barriers that prevent people asking for support with an online advertising campaign aimed at Forces families. 

A combination of pride and lack of knowledge can often prevent vulnerable people from the military community coming forward, despite many being in desperate need of support. Serving members of the forces, and their dependents, might be struggling with emotional, practical, or financial problems. But often the fear of asking for help is all too common, which can allow problems to develop and situations to deteriorate. 

Over the next few weeks, display advertisements will be available to view online, specifically on websites with a military association, and will focus on the theme of the military family, showing real images of current serving families and demonstrating understanding and respect for the entire military family.

The military community can traditionally be very hard to reach, citing reasons such as living ‘behind the wire’, being continuously in transition and on the move with various military postings, or living and working overseas sometimes hindering access to available support. The internet plays a very important role in helping the military community stay in touch and share information, which is why it was decided it would be the most effective channel to combat some of the beliefs and perceptions within the community about seeking help when needed, whilst normalising people’s attitudes towards SSAFA and making it more accessible. 

The advertisements will direct users to Forcesline, which is a 100% free and confidential listening and signposting line, run by SSAFA, and completely independent of the chain of command.

 Vicky Maskell, Marketing Manager explains: “People from a military background are often very proud and many do not like to ask for help, but those who have served their country deserve, and often need, additional support. Often, people contact us when situations have reached a crisis, when an early call to SSAFA could help to sort things out sooner.” 

“This advertising campaign allows us to target our current serving community directly. The theme is around the wider forces family, which has always been at the heart of what we do. We hope this campaign will reinforce the message to the current serving community and their families that we are here for them now and always will be, even after they have left the service.”

“There is certainly no shame in turning to an organisation like SSAFA when you fall on difficult times.”

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