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24 hour spinathon for Cyprus Forces families

28 November 2013

24 hour spinathon for Cyprus Forces families

Over 24 hours, three hundred pedallers on 20 bikes took part in a 24 hour spinathon to raise money for Forces families in Cyprus.

24 hour spinathon for Cyprus Forces families

Question: what involves four instructors, more than three hundred people and twenty static bicycles? Answer - a 24 hour spinathon to raise money for SSAFA.

On the afternoon of Friday 22 November their first team, including 15 members of SSAFA staff, climbed onto their bikes to kick off the 2013 SSAFA Spinathon. So began a long journey which finally saw organiser extraordinaire, Major Dave Prew along with fellow trainers, Corporal Charlie Bee, Sergeant Natalie Mansfield and Sergeant Martin Glen, pedal into the concrete 24 hours later. All through the night and into the next day, team after team turned up, climbed aboard their bikes and set off simply to raise money for SSAFA. They suffered and paid for the privilege.

Throughout the 24 hours, Dave and the other trainers, who took part in every single session, exhorted and cajoled teams from 2 YORKS, the Resident Infantry Battalion and Station personnel based at Episkopi, into pedalling up a storm. From bike press ups to waving bars in the air, it was enough to make the average unfit onlooker feel weak from exhaustion and faint with amazement that so many people could do so much for so long, to raise money for our Forces and their families.

Major Dave Prew and his team from 2 YORKS arranged the arena outside the White Horse Club with marquees, banners, music and food, all designed to encourage and support the 24 teams who pedalled on behalf SSAFA.

The event raised over £4,000 to support serving families who need help in Episkopi and for on-station welfare and community projects.