Honour the fallen

Remember the living

Honour the fallen - Jason

This Remembrance, we want you to do more than honouring the fallen. We want you to remember the living. We want you to remember those who had our backs through the years and are now in need of our help.

I felt guilty for being alive
Jason's PTSD controlled his life

Battling grief

After losing a close friend, Jason was medically discharged from the army after 15 years service.

While at home Jason was visited by a welfare officer every two to three weeks and assessed by an Army psychiatrist but once he was discharged, that support network was no longer available.

"I took two overdoses in the first year and another in 2013. It was a downward spiral and I just stopped caring for myself. I was living on the couch, I wasn’t showering. I didn’t feel guilty about the overdoses. I felt guilty for being alive.”

Living in lonliness

We had Jason’s back…

It took a burglary for Jason to come to terms with the way he was living his life. After helping him to secure his flat, it was the police who contacted SSAFA, and it wasn't long before caseworker Bill Hunt visited Jason at home.

"The idea of having a burglar did not faze me, but the thought of someone coming in and seeing all that mess did. It wasn't fit for a dog let alone a human being."

SSAFA gathered the funds to clear Jason's flat, and decorate and furnish it too.

Bill helped Jason to contact his GP and begin a treatment plan for his mental health.

Jason has since thrown hismelf into art therapy and was recently presented with the Merseyside Recovery Award 2015 in recognition of his artwork and outdoor installations while in recovery.

"My life is improving every day. My relationship with my daughter is much better and I have a more positive outlook. What was it that turned it around for me? It was Bill – and SSAFA.”