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Feedback on Personal Support and Social Work Service

Tell us what we’re doing well and how we need to improve



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Feedback on Personal Support and Social Work Service

Let us know what you think about our service and we will use your feedback to make improvements to what we do.

During 2014, we received the following feedback from people who used our service:

  • 89% said that the information they received about the service was easily accessible
  • 86% said that they were contacted within 7 working days
  • 91% said that they were clear about the role of the Personal Support Social Work Service
  • 94% felt listened to
  • 91% said that the service they received was appropriate to their needs
  • 93% felt that enough time was given to their needs
  • 92% felt that their worker was honest about what they could do to help.

We continue to work hard to respond to feedback from our service users - and continue to listen to your comments.

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