SSAFA mentoring service

Transitional mentoring in Catterick

Get support to make your transition into civilian life

Contact our Mentoring team for support when you're leaving the Forces.

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Transitional mentoring in Catterick

SSAFA has launched a new trial mentoring service to support Catterick service leavers in the transition to civilian life when they leave the Forces.

We empower every person we mentor to reach their full potential in their new lives and careers outside the military.

SSAFA Transitional Mentoring scheme is available to all service leavers, leaving the Army from Catterick Garrison. To be eligible you must be in the Army and:

  • Be registered to complete your resettlement at Catterick Resettlement Centre.
  • Be leaving in the next 6 months or have left the Army in the last two years

For wounded injured and sick

The aim of the service is to enable you to make a smooth transition to civilian life.

We empower every person we mentor to reach their full potential in their new lives and careers outside the military.

We provide long-term, one-to-one, face-to-face support during transition and for up to two years after discharge.

Our mentoring relationships are independent of the chain of command, however, it will complement the support already being received from your military unit. Mentors will support you to achieve your personal goals, no matter how big or small, as you move into civilian life

Some of the benefits of joining SSAFA Mentoring include:

  • Someone to listen, reassure you and to share your feelings
  • Insight into civilian life
  • Increase in your self confidence
  • Help to build better relationships
  • Improved ability to make decisions
  • Increase in your motivation
  • Help for your family

Mentoring has got me up in the morning and given me the confidence to get on with stuff.

Feedback from SSAFA mentee

Support from SSAFA

The SSAFA Mentoring programme can offer you:

  • Readily accessible one-to-one support throughout your transition into civilian life
  • A dedicated and trusted mentor who gives you space to explore your ideas and feelings
  • Unconditional and consistent collaboration from another person to help you reflect on your strengths
  • Support to draw on your own strengths, develop your own strategies and work out your own values.

Service leavers in Catterick can apply for a mentor by emailing SSAFA at or via their Career Transition Partnership (CTP) Employment Advisor or Career Consultant as part of their resettlement provision.