SSAFA Norton House at Headley Court is a place for families to have a comfortable, secure place to stay when their loved one recovers from injury or illness.

Norton House Headley Court

A place to stay near your loved ones

Call the Headley Court team on 01372 277413 or send us an enquiry.

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Norton House Headley Court

We know that rehab after an illness or injury is really tough. But its that much easier when you do it with your family at your side.

That's why we've got our SSAFA Norton House at Headley Court - just ten minutes from the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre.

The house itself can accommodate up to 6 families at any on time, and we’ve seen first hand the support offered and firm friendships formed between families who have spent time together at Norton House.

House facilities

  • 6 bedrooms (4 with en-suite facilities)
  • 2 spacious lounges
  • Large kitchen with open plan dining area
  • Laundry Room
  • Large garden & patio area
  • Quiet Room
  • Children's playroom.