SSAFA Norton Homes are a place for the families of injuerd or sick service personnel to stay

SSAFA Norton House

Housing during illness or injury

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Housing during illness and injury

When you get the phone call to say your loved one is seriously ill or wounded, the last thing you want to worry about is where you’ll stay to be near them. That’s why we’ve got Norton House.

Norton House gives you and your family a safe and comfortable place to stay near your loved ones whilst they recover from illness or injury. We make sure that our housing always feels like a home from home where you can get what you need, when you need it.

So whether your brother, sister, mum, dad, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, son, daughter or even best mate is undergoing treatment or rehab, you can be close by to give them the emotional support you both need. 

Introduction to SSAFA Norton House

A home from home

Our house is open every day of the year for families to have a comfortable, secure place to stay during hard times. During their stay with us, families can take strength from the care of our experienced team and the mutual support of other families going through the same emotions.

We’ve learnt from experience that these two different sources of support are invaluable and provide a great strength to all staying in the home as they care for their injured loved ones.