Forces transition support from SSAFA

Help with making the transition

Get support as you leave the Armed Forces

Call our team on 0845 241 7141 or 0207 403 8783 from your mobile or send us an enquiry.

Armed Forces transition support

When you are making the transition from the Forces to civilian life, SSAFA is committed to supporting you and your family.

Whatever your circumstances, as you head back onto civvy street it’s likely that as you make the transition you will face some challenges and may experience anxiety about what the future holds.

If you’re struggling with questions, such as where your family will live or about your next career move, then our trained volunteers can give you emotional support to overcome your worries. If times get hard after you have left the services then they can also give practical assistance.

Making the transition from the Forces

Here are some of the ways that SSAFA can help you:

  • Get support from our housing advisory service to help understand what happens next when you receive your notice to vacate service accommodation.
  • Work with our network of volunteers to get access to financial assistance, for example to help with rent deposit and removal costs.
  • Signpost you to organisations who can help with specific issues.

For guidance on finding employment, we recommend that you contact CivvyStreet and the Regular Forces Employment Association.