Post adoption support

Post adoption support

We are committed to supporting you and your family

Call our Adoption team on 020 7463 9326 or send us an online enquiry.

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Post-adoption support

We know that adoption can be challenging for all parties at various times. Our social work team are experienced adoption workers and we have a dedicated Post Adoption Social Worker.

How we stay in touch

We send an email newsletter to all of our adoptive parents and young people twice a year as a means of keeping in touch and keeping you up to date with adoption issues. We also provide the opportunity to meet up at least once a year with an event for adoptive families as a means of building peer support and preventing isolation.

How we can support you

The SSAFA Adoption team encourages adoptive parents, young people and children to contact us at anytime to seek support, advice and information. We can provide: 

  • A listening ear over the phone or with a visit
  • Advice and information
  • Assistance with contact
  • Signposting and support to access other services such as therapy, further training, educational support, support groups and peer support.

Don’t struggle along on your own, get in touch.

Birth records and counselling

We recognise that adopted adults have a right to know their history. We are also able to advise and assist them to make contact with each other, if they wish.

We provide the following services to those adopted through SSAFA:

  • Access to post adoption services for adopted adults over 18, birth parents and birth relatives.
  • Intermediary services following successful tracing, which may include letter exchange or support throughout the reunion process.

Lifelong support is the key to adopting: Our dedicated Post Adoption Social Worker will be there for you if you just need a listening ear or more involved support such as advocating with a local authority or assisting an application for more therapeutic support for your children.