Adoption stories

Adoption stories

Meet parents and children looking for their forever family

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Adoption stories

Meet some children who need adoptive families and parents who are looking for children to make their forever family.

The children

Meet Jack, Holly and Ashley

Jack, aged seven, and his sisters Holly, six,  and Ashley, nine months, need an adoptive home where they can grow up together. Jack loves anything related to football and will play, watch and talk about his favourite team all day. Holly is very caring towards animals and would love a pet in her new home. Both children are doing well at school but Jack can sometimes be withdrawn so he needs reassurance that his family situation is not his fault. Jack and Holly's sister Ashley, who has lived in a separate foster home since birth, is meeting all her developmental milestones. She is described as a loving and inquisitive baby. However, adopters need to be aware that Ashley's future development may be affected by her birth mother's misuse of alcohol during pregnancy. Jack especially worries about his birth mother and adoptive parents will need to understand his need for ongoing indirect contact with her.

Meet Oliver

Oliver is an extremely lovable 18 month old child who loves cuddles and affection. He is a confident toddler who loves to explore his environment and enjoys dancing to music. Oliver lives with his foster carer and he has done since birth. There are some mental health issues in Oliver's family background which may impact on Oliver later in life. Oliver needs adoptive parents who can reflect or promote his ethnic and cultural identity, which is black British/Caribbean.

The prospective adopters

Meet John and Becky

John and Becky have always hoped to have children but fertility treatment was unsuccessful. Becky hopes to give up her job as an Ministry of Defence civilian employee if they find children to adopt. John is of white/black Caribbean heritage. He and Becky are aware that there are many children of a similar heritage who need adoptive homes. John and Becky deferred their application until John returned from deployment with his infantry regiment. Now they are posted in Germany and have moved to larger accommodation. John and Becky hope to adopt either two or three children aged from 0 to seven years.

Meet Vicky and Kirsty

Vicky and Kirsty are civil partners. Vicky is in the police force and Kirsty is in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Vicky's parents were foster carers and Vicky is still is in contact with some of her foster siblings. Vicky and Kirsty are approved to adopt up to three children from 0 to eight years. Kirsty has recently been posted within the UK and happily Vicky has been able to transfer to the area. They waited until just before they moved to begin looking for children so that their new family would not have to move soon after placement.

Quotes from SSAFA adopters:

  • “The training week far exceeded our expectations - we got so much out of it and instead of giving us second thoughts (we wondered if it might), it has made us even more convinced that we are doing the right thing”.
  • “Thank you once again to SSAFA for giving up your weekend to talk to us and for all the work you do in the background on our behalf. We are continually impressed and appreciative of the support we get from SSAFA and especially Rose who is brilliant!”
  • “The adoption panel was an environment that encouraged us to talk and engage which was encouraging. A much less daunting experience than we could have imagined”.
  • “It has been an extremely good experience and SSAFA have been outstanding with their support and guidance. We could not have got this far without Jill and the general help/support of the team.”

“SSAFA understands that just because you are military and a single parent serving full time, it does not mean you are not capable of giving a child a home. They are so supportive and fight hard for you on all fronts”


Some names may have been changed to protect identities.