Adoption and local authorities

Adoption and local authorities

Work with SSAFA's Adoption team

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Adoption and local authorities

At SSAFA we are proud to work with military adopters. We believe having a career in the military often provides our adopters with many skills required to be a good adoptive parent.

Why choose military adopters?

  • Resilience and stickability, the ability to work as part of a team, maintain strong relationships and are in relatively stable employment
  • A problem-solving and forward thinking approach to difficulties alongside an acceptance of change and an ability to deal with it easily and without ‘drama’
  • An understanding and empathy for how change affects children and the necessary preparation and support children need in order to cope
  • Many but not all families have a home based carer as one partner may not have pursued a career; live in Service Accommodation – and are able to access 3 or 4 bedroom accommodation if they have 2 or 3 children placed
  • They possess a good sense of humour, warmth and insight whilst being able to maintain appropriate boundaries.

Not surprisingly this completely mirrors the descriptions of good adopters, especially for older children, as identified in research.

Working with the Adoption team

The team are extremely committed and flexible and used to travelling long distances to ensure adopters are assessed within appropriate timescales and supported when children are placed. As well as undertaking support visits we will also carry out Statutory Visits on behalf of the local authority for no extra charge. We have a dedicated Post Adoption Support Service and will continue to offer support to families for as long as they need it after Order.

“I just wanted to congratulate SSAFA on all their commitment to the adoption process in regards of children who we found difficult to place and are now settled in a permanent placement with approved adopters awaiting to hear about an adoption application. The communication between SSAFA and the adoption SW within our local authority has been excellent. Their child centred commitment is commendable. We would happily recommend this Independent Adoption Agency to other local authorities.”