Adopting with SSAFA

Adopting with SSAFA

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Adoption for military families

SSAFA Adoption Service is an independent adoption agency registered with OFSTED, the Scottish Care Commission and the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority, N. Ireland. We are one of a network of professional not-for-profit specialists working independently across local authority boundaries to provide consistent high-quality support for adopters in the military and for their adopted children. We're here for anyone serving who wishes to create a family through adoption.

We're here for you

Adoption is a big decision and there may be many questions you have about the process and whether or not it's right for you. You may also need to understand how it will work alongside your military employment or career. We are here to advise and assist you with these queries. 

Specialist adoption for military families

We understand the particular challenges that serving families face during the adoption process.

Regular postings and deployments can make it difficult for serving personnel to adopt through local authorities. By offering a nationwide service, SSAFA is able to support families through the entire process, no matter where they move and no matter how long it takes.

Our dedicated staff work tirelessly to help ensure serving personnel have the same opportunity to be assessed as adoptive parents as anyone else. We are always looking for people who can offer children a loving and supportive family for life.

SSAFA staff work with Armed Forces employers to ensure housing and educational needs are met and we also offer a wide range of extra support to adoptive families including practical help and assistance from local volunteers on the ground, and a dedicated post-adoption Social Worker that adopters can speak to at any stage of the post-placement journey.