SSAFA works with partners to provide social work support for the RAF

Health and Social Care Privacy Notice

Health and Social Care Privacy Notice

This privacy policy sets out the data processing practices of SSAFA with regards to SSAFA Health and Social Care Service and collecting personal information in electronic and manual form.

This policy will cover the below areas:

Why we keep records

It is essential that we keep accurate details about the work we do and the people we deal with. This helps us provide as efficient a service as possible. It ensures we comply with the law and means we can be held accountable for what we do.

What information do we record?

When you ask us for support we ask you for information about yourself and your situation. We will keep what you tell us in your ‘file’ which may be kept partly on computer and partly as a paper record. We will keep the following information on your file:

  • Details of discussions about the help you need
  • Agreed plans
  • Details of services arranged for you
  • Copies of letters from or to you
  • Records of phone calls
  • Information from relevant people, such as your doctor.

Each time we meet you we will add relevant Information to your file. It is our policy to discuss with you what we are putting on your file. This means you can check when we record information that it is accurate and that you agree with it.

What we use the information for

The information you give us about yourself and your situation is used specifically to ensure that you get the help you need. Your data will not be used for any other purpose than for which you gave it.

Storing information

The information we keep about you - both the paper file and the computer record - is kept securely and only authorised members of staff can see it.

Your permission

We ask you to sign a form allowing us to give details from your file to any relevant organisation. Some data is classed as sensitive personal information under Data Protection legislation, so we cannot give it to other organisations without your permission. This may include information about your health, your racial or ethnic background and your religious beliefs. If we think we may need to pass on sensitive personal information, we will discuss this with you.

Seeing your profile

You have the right to ask at any time to see all of the data on your file and to correct any mistakes. You can also ask someone else to act on your behalf to see your file. You must apply in writing or by email in order to do this. There is an application form at the back of this booklet to complete. The law requires us to deal with your application within one month.

Can other people see my file?

Other people, including members of your family, cannot see your file without your consent and your presence. In the same way, you cannot see information about other members of your family without their permission and their attendance.

The only time other people can see your file is in exceptional circumstances.

Sometimes we need to give details about you to another organisation. This is usually either because we are asking them to provide a service for you or because we need to ask them for information about you. We need your consent to do this.

  • We only give information that staff in another organisation need to know, e.g. in order to provide a service such as health records to get you certain benefits
  • People getting information about you from us can only use it for the specific purpose we have agreed with them and their staff are bound by the same rules of confidentiality
  • We record in your file what information has been given to other organisations, and when it was done.

Is there any information I cannot see?

Occasionally, people give us information in confidence about you or on your behalf. In some circumstances we may not be able to share this with you. We keep this information in a separate section of the file called ‘restricted access’.

If there is any doubt about you seeing any part of your file, one of our managers will assess the situation. They will make sure you see as much of your data as possible.

If you are not satisfied with any decision we make to withhold information from you, you can appeal, to SSAFA’s Data Governance Manager and if still not satisfied to the Information Commissioner.

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