Gurkha Services

SSAFA is committed to providing Gurkha veterans and their families with lifelong support, no matter what the circumstances.

Gurkha Services, as part of our Specialist Services team, provide tailored support for Gurkhas and their families who have settled in the UK.

We work collaboratively with other Gurkha specific organisations such as Gurkha Welfare Trust, Gurkha Brigade Association, Army Welfare Service, Gurkha communities and others.

Who we help?

Gurkha veterans who served in the Brigade of Gurkhas and their families.

How we support?

We provide local SSAFA volunteers with up to date information, awareness and translation services.

Our volunteers can provide you with advice, guidance, information, practical and emotional support.

Gurkha Veterans

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Gurkha Services is a project funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds.