Veterans in Europe

Assisting British Veterans and their families to make the adjustments they need as Britain leaves the European Union.

Veterans in Europe

Assisting British Veterans and their families to make the adjustments they need as Britain leaves the European Union.


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From now until 31st March 2021, as Britain exits the European Union, SSAFA is working alongside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to deliver the UK Nationals Support Fund (UKNSF) to assist veteran UK nationals who reside in countries across Europe. Further details of the Fund can be found in the FCO press release of 6 March 2020.

Our trained volunteer caseworkers will provide practical support to individuals in the Armed Forces community in order to secure their right to remain as a resident in France, Germany or Cyprus.

Contact us today and we’ll put you in touch with a specially trained volunteer caseworker near you. Your assigned caseworker will assist you in understanding the process and will go on to support you as you complete and submit the necessary paperwork.

Support provided by SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity is in addition to that provided by the British Embassies and High Commissions in France, Germany and Cyprus.  

Support for veterans and their families living in European countries other than France, Germany or Cyprus is being provided by seperate organisations to SSAFA.  To confirm which organisaton may be able to assist you please search for the relevant country of residence here.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I am a veteran / ex-serving military personnel living in France, Germany or Cyprus - how can I obtain support with my residency application?

A: You can contact us on a freephone number or send a message using this contact form. Our Project Coordinator will take brief details of your enquiry and your circumstances. You will then be assigned a volunteer as close to you geographically as possible to support you with your enquiry.

Q: I served in the military and am now retired and living in the UK.  However I have a second home in France, Germany or Cyprus. I am planning to move over there in the next couple of years. Do I still need to go through a residency application?

A: The answer is yes, you do. However this process may differ depending on your individual circumstances. Please call us or send us a message using this contact form.

Q: When do I need to start my residency application to remain in France, Germany or Cyprus and how long will it take?

A: The answer to this question will differ depending on which country you live in.  If you live in Germany and Cyprus then you can start the process straight away. If you live in France then you can start applying for residency from October 2020.

The time taken to complete each country's application process will differ depending on individual circumstances. For further information please call us or send us a message using this contact form.

Q: I live in Europe, but not in France, Germany or Cyprus - who should I contact?

A: SSAFA can only provide help in these countries as this is where our network of volunteers operate.  However, other agencies may be able to assist you, depending on where you live.  It is recommended that you visit this GOV.UK page, select the country you live in and review the "Visas and Residency" section.

Q: What documents will I need to produce to apply for residency?

A: It is recommended that you start to gather the various documents  you may need as soon as possible in order to ensure you have them to hand when you applying for residency.

These include (but may not be limited to) passports, birth certificates, utility bills, tax documents and health care cover documents. If you need any further advice on this or you are missing any documents then please call us or send us a message using this contact form.

Q: I am worried that I have not been fully compliant with local laws (perhaps concerning tax or housing) - what should I do?

A: The sooner you begin the process of becoming compliant the better.  You will be able to understand exactly where you stand regarding the local laws of your country of residence, and this will allow you to address any outstanding issues.  Again, please call us or send a message using this contact form and we will be able to discuss any issues of concern.

Q: How long will this process take?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot provide exact time scales. However, we recommend applying as soon as possible as the process will be unique to each individual's circumstances.

Q: What happens if I do not go through with this process?

A: Failure to establish your residency rights in Europe could lead to deportation.  It is in your interest to begin this process as soon as possible, in order to protect your future residency rights.



How to contact us:

To start the process please use this contact form.

Alternatively you can call us on one of the following freephone numbers:

If you are in Germany, please call: 08000009913

If you are in France, please call: 0805119617 

If you are in Cyprus, please call: 0780077058 



SSAFA's service provisions for resettling UK Nationals are only available to people who have received at least one day's pay from the Armed Forces (British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, including Reserves) and wish to reside in France, Germany or Cyprus. 

For those outside the Armed Forces community, SSAFA will be working alongside the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Franco-British Network to provide support to UK nationals across France. In addition, the charity will be working alongside IOM in Germany and the Cyprus Residency Planning Group (CRPG) in Cyprus.

Please note, SSAFA is not registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) and is unable to provide immigration advice.