first world war soldiers pushing their bicycles on a muddy road

Ride to the Somme

This 200 mile cycling event will commemorate the cycling soldiers that fought and fell along the Western Front.

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Ride to the Somme

"What great people I have cycled with. Friendships have been created that I know will continue. Riding into Ypres, bells ringing and last of all everyone together going up that last hill to Tyne Cot, off our bikes for the last time that was such just an overwhelming experience.”– Kathy Munslow
"Superb food, amazing people to ride with and great teamwork! “One of the most incredible journeys of my entire life“. Thank you so much.” – Simon Ellison
"An unforgettable experience for cyclists of all abilities. If there is one challenge you set yourself in your life then ride to the Somme." – Dave Bickel

After the huge success of our 2016 and 2017 ride we are delighted to announce a brand new route for 2018!

event details

Event date: 29 August 2018 to 2 September 2018

Contact: Lucy Searles

Phone: 020 7463 9297

Ride to the Somme will commence on 29th August and will culminate at the Armistice Glade on 1st September. 

Our Ride will focus on a selection of major Somme battle locations together with specific locations from the 1918 100 Days Offensive which culminated in the signing of the Armistice on 11 November 1918.

We will based in Amiens and the routes are enjoyable for both the regular cyclist and for the more inexperienced rider. With schools having returned after the summer break roads are generally quiet especially the ones that we will be using.

Other road users in France are very respectful to cyclists and we will be assured a warm welcome through the picturesque towns and villages through which we will pass.

The exact route will be confirmed once final numbers are confirmed.

The itinerary will be as follows:

29th August 2018 – Day 1
Report to the Ride to the Somme Recruitment Centre – The Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham at 11:00am.

Parking will be available at The Museum. You will be able to view many of their exhibits from The Great War. You will meet your fellow riders and staff before transferring by coach to Amiens.

Day 2
Early in the saddle for the first riding day. The Somme region saw some of the bloodiest fighting of the Great War. You will explore the key historical sites having time to learn more about the history of the area.

Day 3
After a good night’s rest and a good breakfast we ride to the east with a focus on the 100 Days Offensive.

Day 4
We conclude our Ride by cycling into the forest near Compiegne and visiting Armistice Glade. We pay our final act of remembrance at the location where Armistice was signed 100 years ago.

Day 5
We will return to the Engineer’s Museum for you to be released back into civilian life early afternoon in time for onward journeys home.

Everything you need to know about the Ride to the Somme

  • Distance: 160/230 miles
  • Ability: Intermediate
  • Registration fee: £125
  • Sponsorship target: £1600

To find out more and apply for a place please click here. When you've signed up, join our Facebook group for all the latest Ride to the Somme updates.

Not sure about 2018? Have a look at the website to register your interest for our 2019 D-Day landings cycle!