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Become a Nepali-Speaking Volunteer

Become a Nepali speaking volunteer

What does a Nepali-speaking helper do?

As a Nepali-speaking helper, you will work alongside other volunteers from your local SSAFA branch to provide support to both Gurkha and non-Gurkha clients. Work will vary; you might be doing casework assisting a veteran and his family, carrying out some basic translation to help another volunteer with their casework, or joining in local fundraising efforts.

Who can be a Nepali-speaking helper, and what do you need to become one?

A Nepali-speaking helper offers a listening ear, cultural knowledge and language skills. Many Nepali-speaking helpers come from a Forces background, though this is not essential. Our helpers, like all SSAFA volunteers, are fully trained and carefully paired with another volunteer.

We are looking for volunteers who are:

  • Willing to listen 
  • Non-judgemental and objective
  • Free to give their time
  • Able to speak Nepali (it's desirable if you can read and write Nepali as well)

All volunteers receive local induction training about SSAFA. You are expected to attend Branch training days. For the full role description, click here.

Current opportunities:

We are looking for a small number of Nepali-speaking helpers around the UK in the following areas: Kent, London, Wiltshire (Swindon), Surrey, Hampshire (Aldershot, Farnborough).

By volunteering as a Nepali-speaking helper for SSAFA, you will receive:

  • A sense of reward from giving back to your community
  • New skills and experiences
  • Practical support through our Gurkha Services team and your local branch of SSAFA
  • Peer support and opportunities to share best practice
  • Overall support as part of the SSAFA family
  • To find out more about becoming a Nepali-speaking helper for SSAFA, email us below. Note that interviews and references are part of the recruitment process
"I can fit the volunteering hours as I am now retired. It gives me great pleasure to be supporting Gurkha as well as the non-Gurkha clients."
Singha Bahadur Thapa, Nepali-speaking helper for SSAFA

Chandra's Story

SSAFA caseworker Chandra spent 14 years in the British Army. He’s now indispensable to the Gurkha community in Reading. Read more about his story here. 


"I just want to help the Gurkha community effectively"

Chandra, Nepali-speaking volunteer with SSAFA

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