Adoption Service Privacy Policy

Adoption Service Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out the data processing practices of SSAFA with regards to SSAFA Adoption Service and collecting personal information in electronic and manual form.

Who are we?

SSAFA is the data controller. This means it decides how your personal data is processed and for what purpose.

What we do with the information?

In this case, the purpose is to assess, approve and place children with you as Adopters as well as to provide support to you Post Adoption.

Storing your information

The information that we collect throughout the Adoption process will be stored securely on our Electronic Record System (Care Director) and may also be stored in paper files that are also securely held and archived. We are required to store this information about you for 100 years following your approval as part of our statutory responsibilities as an adoption agency. Only staff within the Adoption Team can access this information.

Sharing your information

We will only share your information if we are legally required to do so, e.g. by a law enforcement agency legitimately exercising a power or if compelled by an order of the Court.

As part of the approval process your information held in the Prospective Adopters Report (PAR) will be shared with members of our Adoption Panel and the Agency Decision Maker.

As part of the process of identifying and matching your PAR and personal information included in your adopter profile will be shared with Local Authorities to match you with appropriate children.

As part of our process we will ask for your informed consent to share this information and you will have the opportunity to discuss this with a social worker at the time.

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