Adopting with SSAFA: How does it work?

We explain the adoption process

We are here for you at any stage to answer any questions that you might have. We know that everyone is different, and one size doesn’t fit all.

I'm just starting to think about adoption with SSAFA. How can I find out more, and if it's right for me?

  • Call our team of friendly professionals for an informal discussion: 0207 463 326
  • If you prefer, send us your details online and we'll send you an information pack with details about the adoption process and adopting through SSAFA
  • During these initial stages you will - if you choose - have the opportunity to speak to one of our Social Workers on a home visit, during which they can give you more specific information, and find out more about you and your plans

I've decided I want to adopt through SSAFA. What now?

  • You will be provided with an Expression of Interest, which, once returned, will launch Stage 1 of the adoption process
  • Stage 1 takes approximately two months and you will be assigned a Stage 1 Social Worker during this period
  • You will attend a 4-day residential training course at SSAFA's central office in London
  • We will undertake medical checks, criminal record and Local Authority vetting checks and contact referees provided by you
  • At the end of Stage 1, you will meet with your Social Worker and we will make a decision on whether to proceed

Stage 2 of the Adoption Process: what's next?

  • Next, there's a period of assessment that will last about four months
  • Your Social Worker will visit you at home a number of times to carry out the assessment
  • We will do further reference checks and your Social Worker will visit some of your referees
  • Your Social Worker will write a report about you, called a Prospective Adopters’ Report (PAR)
  • You will be invited to attend the SSAFA Adoption Panel with your Social Worker. You don't have to attend if you don't want to. The Panel will look at your Prospective Adopters' Report and make a recommendation about whether you are suitable to adopt and about the age(s) and number of children you could adopt

Great news: I've been approved. What happens now?

  • If you are approved, we will then work with you to match you with the right child(ren)
  • When a match has been agreed by you, SSAFA and the child(ren)'s Social Worker, you will go to Matching Panel at the child’s local authority, for the match to be formally approved
  • You will meet the child(ren) in the foster carer's home and spend time there each day. The child(ren) will then begin to spend some time in your home.
  • If all progresses well the child(ren) will be placed with you. After ten weeks you can apply for an Adoption Order to legally adopt the child(ren).
Adopt with SSAFA

Adopt with SSAFA

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