SSAFA works with partners to provide social work support for the RAF

Social work services worldwide

With the military and local organisations

Our social work services

Our social work team works in partnership with military staff and local organisations to provide essential social work services that meet the changing needs of our Armed Forces around the world.

Personal Support and Social Work Service RAF

Personal Support and Social Work Service RAF

SSAFA Social Workers and Personal and Family Support Workers work alongside the RAF, but outside the Chain of Command, these SSAFA staff are there to support RAF personnel, as well as Army and Navy personnel based on RAF units, and their families meets their diverse and changing needs. 



Social work services worldwide

SSAFA delivers services to Forces families in Cyprus, Gibraltar, Brunei and the Falkland Islands. In 2013, our team were nominated for the Social Worker of the Year Awards - Team of the Year in the children's service category.

British Forces Cyprus

The British Forces Cyprus Personal Support & Social Work Service works in partnership with health colleagues and local SSAFA volunteers. Alongside UK statutory services for families and children we also provide wider services to the military community. These services include providing child and adolescent mental health services.


In Brunei, our Personal Support and Social Work Service supports a unique population of Gurkha soldiers and their families whose first language is Nepali. With the Garrison so far away from their extended family and friends, our service in Brunei meets some unique welfare challenges while also supporting the local health and education service.

Gibraltar and Falkland Islands

SSAFA provides social work and community support in Gibraltar jointly with the Naval Personal and Family Service. We also offer a range of social work support to the British military community in the Falklands working with the Falkland Islands Government Social Services Department.

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Our social work service in the UK and around the world has been awarded the government standard for customer service excellence.

A very professional service with a positive outcome.

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