Military Wives Choirs bring Forces women together

Military Wives Choirs Foundation

Bringing Forces women together

The Foundation is a registered subsidiary charity of SSAFA.

Military Wives Choirs Foundation

The Military Wives Choirs Foundation (MWCF) is a registered charity which brings together thousands of women in the military community closer through singing.

The MWCF provides guidance and funding to over 75 choirs in the UK and further afield, including Germany and Cyprus.

Being part of the Military Wives Choir network makes a positive difference by improving well-being, building friendships and developing skills. Singing in a Military Wives Choirs provides a great opportunity to build links in the local community through performances.

To join a choir or learn more about the charity visit their website.

The MWCF works to strengthen and sustain our network of choirs for the benefit of generations to come, wherever our Forces and their families are based.

The MWCFs part of the SSAFA family of charities which complements SSAFA’s longstanding support for Armed Forces families.

Visit MWCF on their new Facebook and Twitter pages.

The work of the Foundation

The Foundation provides guidance, funding and support for individual choirs, as well as the opportunity to bring choirs together through national projects, such as the album ‘Stronger Together’.

The Military Wives Choirs and SSAFA

The Military Wives Choirs Foundation is all about supporting and strengthening the wider Forces family. This aligns perfectly with the objects and values of SSAFA. We are proud to have the Foundation as part of our charity.