A nurse working for SSAFA's healthcare services in British Forces Germany

Our professional health care

Working with the NHS and local services

How we deliver health care

SSAFA provides high-quality, patient-focussed healthcare in response to the needs of the military community and working in partnership with the NHS and local services.

We have been instrumental in implementing a new military families care pathway with the Department of Health and we continue to be at the forefront of delivery of healthcare to the Ministry of Defence overseas. Our services ensure that families living away from home can rely on the same high quality service that they would receive in the United Kingdom.

Our teams are professionally led and work is delivered by senior clinicians and social workers. We adhere to UK standards in all our services including requirements and regulations of UK professional bodies such as the General Medical Council and Nursing and Midwifery Council. 

British Forces Germany Health Service

We work with our healthcare partners Guy's and Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust to provide a fully integrated health service to 30,000 patients in North West Europe. This includes military families and entitled civilians throughout British Forces Germany and detachments in Western Europe as well as isolated detachments in Southern Europe, Holland and Belgium.

As part of the SSAFA GSTT Care Limited Liability Partnership or LLP, SSAFA are responsible for every aspect of primary, community and secondary healthcare services in the area. We employ more than 300 staff including general practitioners, nurses, midwives, health visitors, allied health professionals and managers. For further information, please visit the SSAFA GSTT Care LLP website.

We will continue to provide this high standard of care until drawdown is completed in BFG in 2020. While drawdown means that the Armed Forces are rebasing out of British Forces Germany and back to the UK, at SSAFA we continue to seek opportunities to enhance and grow our health services overseas.

Health partnerships worldwide

Around the world our health care staff work in local communities to provide health services that specialise in meeting the needs of military families.

Our skilled professional team is committed to working in partnership with military personnel, local health services and other agencies to ensure our health care is responsive to the individual circumstances of smaller overseas commands of Cyprus, Gibraltar, Brunei, Canada and Nepal.

Our innovative services

Around the world, SSAFA's professional staff are dedicated to providing pioneering services:

  • In Cyprus, SSAFA Health Zones provide one-stop health shops for young families; and paediatric nurses, health visitors and social work colleagues have established a Support Group for Families of Children and Young Persons with Additional Needs
  • SSAFA health visitors and social workers in Brunei run the ‘Incredible Years’ parenting programme and a ‘minor illness’ training programme for newly arrived parents
  • Our successful working partnership with Alberta Child and Families Health Service in Canada has strengthened the safeguarding process for military children in BATUS
  • In Nepal, the community nurse practitioner established a Nurses Forum to improve professional development opportunity and primary care nursing practice.

Social care partnerships



In the UK we provide primary health care and urgent care in partnership with the NHS and building on our overseas expertise and experience. Our primary motivation as a charity is to make a difference - with the dignity and respect of our patients at the centre of our services.

Our medical centres are open to the general public and we can also signpost any families with a military connection to further support from SSAFA services and local volunteers. 

SSAFA is building a reputation of being at the forefront of designing and implementing admission avoidance services. We have developed expertise from working on several innovative unplanned care contracts to deliver high quality care at first point of contact, and reduce unnecessary admissions to secondary care.

Primary Care GP Services

SSAFA Registered GP Practice and Walk-In Centre, Leicester

Along with providing high quality GP services this centre also provides urgent care to non-registered patients on a walk-in basis.

Admission Avoidance Services

Emergency Care Practitioner Service, Doncaster

A unique and innovative service providing autonomous care at first point of contact using highly trained Emergency care Practitioners. Receiving referrals from Primary Care, Ambulance Service, Care Homes, and many other health and social care partners, this service avoids admission in over 80% of patient contacts.

Emergency Response GP Service – Primary Care Leicester

As part of a pilot scheme SSAFA GP’s are providing an urgent visiting service on behalf of local primary care services, reducing admissions to secondary care. In addition the service creates emergency healthcare plans designed to reduce future admissions whilst involving patients in decisions about their care.