Meet Prince

After being medically discharged, this veteran and his daughter faced an uncertain future

Prince Nyimini

Originally from Ghana, Prince Nyimini came to the UK to do a Masters in 2008 and he later joined the Royal Regiment of Scotland. However, following his medical discharge in 2012, his application to stay in the UK was refused. The single dad and his young daughter faced an uncertain future; unable to work or claim benefits, they were forced to rely on friends.

"I got medically discharged from the Army because of an injury in 2012 but when I applied to stay here I was told by the Home Office that my injury was not 'catastrophic'," explains Prince. "It makes me very upset. I didn’t leave the Army of my own volition, I got discharged and I have been left with a lifelong injury to deal with."

Prince’s application to stay in the country was rejected along with a series of appeals and Prince found himself with no income to support his five-year-old daughter. "I was prevented from working because of my status so I was dependent on friends but I had to keep myself strong for my daughter. Life was really becoming very, very difficult so I got in touch with SSAFA and that’s when John came. I can’t thank John enough for what he did."

Caseworker John Royle (pictured) of SSAFA's Northamptonshire Branch managed to secure funding for a further application to the Home Office and Prince was finally granted the Leave to Remain in the country. He is now back at work as a rehabilitation assistant supporting people with brain injuries.

Prince says: "It has been an emotional rollercoaster and I’m just thankful to SSAFA for everything they have done. John has been wonderful. He would call me to see how me and my daughter were getting on. He has been so supportive. Now we have got our lives back. We were in limbo for so long which was really difficult because you don’t know what is going to happen but now we can make plans for the future."

I’m so thankful to SSAFA for everything they have done for me and my daughter"

Prince Nyimini, SSAFA beneficiary