Meet Nigel

Following years of combat-related mental health issues, Nigel's life is now looking brighter


Nigel joined the Welsh Guards at the age of 17 and marked his 19th birthday aboard a troop carrier on the way over to the Falkland Islands in 1982. Having experienced some harrowing hand-to-hand fighting during the war, Nigel says he 'blanked' his experiences at first.

However, as Nigel grew older, the memories strted "eating away" at him. For many years, Nigel masked his mental health issues with alcohol. Eventually, they cost him his job and his family. 

Following the intervention and efforts of a SSAFA volunteer caseworker in January 2017, ABF the Soldiers' Charity provided Nigel with a grant of £1,500 towards kitchen equipment and furnishings for his flat. He is now working on repairing his relationships with his family and has undertaken an alcohol detox course. He says life "now seems to be getting lighter, you know? Brighter. Because I was alive in a really dark world not too long ago." 

Life is now getting lighter... Brighter. I was in a really dark world not too long ago."

Nigel, SSAFA beneficiary