Meet Ken

Ken, formerly of the Territorial Army, was paralysed and unable to get out and about until his SSAFA caseworker stepped in

Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor, 56, served with 6th/7th The Queen’s Regiment (Territorial Army) in the 1980s. Following a serious stroke three years ago, Ken found himself struggling to get out of his own home and was feeling increasingly isolated.

Ken lay undiscovered for three days after suffering a stroke in December 2015. When he eventually got to hospital, doctors had to remove part of his skull to ease the pressure on his brain. He was also left paralysed down his left side.

After spending almost a year in hospital, Ken moved into a new home in Haywards Heath but was unable to get out and about in his manual wheelchair.

It was then that The Stroke Association got in touch with SSAFA to see if there was anything they could do. "A SSAFA caseworker came round to see me,” explains Ken. “He has been on my case ever since! I thought I needed a ‘befriender’ as I was stuck in the flat and feeling pretty isolated. He came round for a chat and he said: 'what you need is a powered wheelchair so you can get out!' As things were, I had to wait for someone to come round just to push me out onto my own balcony.”

The caseworker secured £1,800 funding for an electric wheelchair for Ken, with contributions coming from The Stroke Association, Independence at Home, ABF The Soldiers Charity and the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment. Ken says: “Peter has been a guardian angel! This chair has really made my life so much easier. I can get up to the local shop now and get things I need, have a chat. Peter also contacted my old regiment for me so now I’m back in touch with one or two of the lads who live round here.”

"My SSAFA caseworker has been a guardian angel!"

Ken, SSAFA beneficiary