Meet Joseph

Meet Joseph

SSAFA helped this World War II veteran to continue to live independently

Joseph Connor

Joseph Connor, 93, is a WWII veteran; as a driver in the Reconnaissance Corps, he was involved in frontline action throughout the war. He lives alone and independently at home in Glasgow but struggles with mobility.

Joseph's house is part of a terraced row that has a raised front court with four steps from the public pavement. This meant that until recently, he had to negotiate the steps down to the pavement to his car and his scooter had to be stored in a lock-up a few streets away. This was becoming increasingly difficult - and risky - for Joseph, especially during the winter.

Joseph got in touch with his local SSAFA branch and was visited by a SSAFA volunteer caseworker in his home. His caseworker subsequently sourced funding from ABF The Soldiers’ Charity* for the construction of a new driveway so that Joseph can now park his car and mobility scooter directly outside his house. This has significantly improved access to his car and mobility scooter, allowing Joseph to make more trips out and ensuring that his independence has not suffered.

"It's amazing," smiles Joseph. "With my mobility decreasing, to have easy access to my car and scooter, well, that's my lifeline to the outside world."



*With thanks to the Trustees of Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Charities (Limited)