Meet Graham

Former Guardsman and SSAFA beneficiary now gives back by volunteering as a caseworker with us

Graham Fowler

Former Guardsman Graham Fowler followed 25 years in the Army, where he served as both a Regimental Sergeant Major and a Quartermaster, with a second career in facilities management in the City. He has been a volunteer caseworker with SSAFA’s Brighton, Hove & Lewes Division for eight years. 

“I retired when I was 60 and I needed something to occupy me but I also wanted to give something back. When my daughter was born I was on ops in Northern Ireland and my wife was alone in Germany. My daughter was two-and-a-half months old before I even met her and we never forgot the support offered to my wife by the SSAFA health visitor while I was away.”

“I go abroad quite a lot so I didn’t want a volunteering role that tied me down to specific dates and times and being a caseworker is very flexible. After all those years in the Army I thought I knew all about SSAFA but I learned even more on the caseworker training course! I would highly recommend case-working  to any serviceperson who has finished their civilian career and is looking for something to do.”

When a World War Two Army Commando was recently placed in a care home on the other side of town to his wife, Graham secured funding to pay for taxis for her to visit him regularly. He was also able to arrange for the client to be presented with the Legion d’Honneur. He said: “You get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that you have helped somebody.”

“You get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that you have helped somebody.”

Graham, SSAFA beneficiary and volunteer