SSAFA helped 5 year-old Travis get a specially made bed

Five-year-old Travis

His medical conditions affect his life and development so SSAFA has found a way to help

Five-year-old Travis

Travis has medical conditions that affect every aspect of his life and impact his development.

When Travis outgrew his cot, his mum Ria knew he wouldn’t be able to use a normal bed.

“He needs a special bed to be safe and secure. We looked at one recommended by the occupational therapist and it was £8,800”. Travis’ granddad Rex, who served with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, decided they would build their own bed to suit Travis’ special requirements.

So SSAFA got to work to find the money to pay for materials to build the bed. Now Ria says that Travis couldn't be happier: “It’s a lovely bed and it looks like an old fashioned circus cart. It has bright colours and mirrors at each end... It’s his favourite place in the whole world.” 


His new bed is his favourite place in the whole world.