Meet Carra

Injured former Royal Navy mechanic Carra has found a new freedom thanks to support from SSAFA

Carra Redford

Carra Redford, 38, joined the Royal Navy at 19 and served as an operator mechanic in underwater warfare on HMS Grafton. A hip injury led to her medical discharge, though, and later surgeries left her in constant pain and facing huge difficulties looking after herself and her family.

Carra says: "When I first called SSAFA I didn’t call for financial help, I just needed some help to arrange some hydrotherapy sessions." Caseworker Dave Quill from SSAFA’s Essex Branch went to see Carra and husband Stuart, also a Navy veteran, and soon realised the family needed more support. Carra explains, "I’d had a number of falls down the stairs and my husband was going to put a bed downstairs for me, which I didn’t want. Dave got in touch with an occupational therapist who recommended a stair lift. I used to not be able to get in and out of the bath without help, but Dave has also organised a wet room conversion for us.

"This small thing and the support from SSAFA has completely changed our lives. It has given me back my freedom and independence. I don’t have to depend on other people all the time.”

SSAFA also sourced funding for a modern mobility scooter which has given Carra a new lease of life. “It’s like having my life back again – now I can take my children out like any other mother,” added Carra. "I can’t thank SSAFA enough for what they have done. It’s made a huge difference to not just my life, but also the rest of my family too."

“Thanks to the help I got from SSAFA I can live in my own home independently, which is all I ever wanted.”

Carra Redford, Royal Navy veteran