When Amir was mediaclly discharged from the Army he suddenly found himself facing homelessness. SSAFA was there to help.

Amir Muntaka

When Amir was struggling with debt and facing homelessness, he got in touch with SSAFA

Amir Muntaka

When Amir was facing homelessness following his medical discharge from the Army, SSAFA assisted with his moving costs and provided essential items for his home.

Amir Muntaka

All of a sudden you just wake up one day and realise the job that you enjoyed doing is all gone.

Amir served as a Lance Corporal in the Army for six years including two tours of Afghanistan. It was while training for promotion into the 3 Logistics Support Regiment (LSR) that Amir began to suffer the symptons of Cold Related Injury meaning he was unable to join his regiment for a third tour in Afghanistan. After seeking treatment he was medically discharged.

Suddenly, Amir who was living in Army accommodation in Abingdon with his wife and children was facing homelessness. He applied to Barking and Dagenham council which has a reputation for prioritising housing for ex-service personnel but when he was unable to raise the costs of the move, Amir got in touch with SSAFA.

SSAFA in Oxfordshire raised £750 to assist with his moving costs and later when Amir and his family were in his new home in Barking the local SSAFA Branch provided essential items for his home including a washing machine, microwave and bunk beds for his two older children. His caseworker has also helped to look through his CV and provided some career advice.

Amir Muntaka

When my mates leave the Army I will definitely tell them to give SSAFA a call.

Talking of his experience of adjusting life outside of the Army Amir says: “Suddenly you have to face a raft of new challenges you’ve never had to face before. Most people would have a rainy day fund, for holidays or the like, but when you’re in the army, with apparently secure employment, you don’t do this, and you’re suddenly out there, vulnerable.”

Of the help he received from SSAFA Amir says: “They were very approachable and were happy to talk through how they could help.”

“It has made a big difference to me and my family. I didn’t know what to do, how I could afford to make the move to Dagenham and SSAFA made it easy for me. If I could sum up SSAFA in one word I would say they are reliable.”

Amir is currently looking for a job but says; “Once I am back on my feet I would like to be able to volunteer for SSAFA too to give something back.”