When Alan needed a fridge and washing machine SSAFA helped

Alan Smith

When veteran Alan couldn't afford a washing machine or fridge, SSAFA stepped in

Alan Smith

Without a washing machine or fridge, Alan was forced to do his food shopping on a daily basis and hand wash his clothes.

Alan Smith

I was struggling to get by before I was put in touch with SSAFA. My life is so much better now.

Alan moved from a flat in an area where there was significant anti-social behaviour, to quieter accommodation. His new flat had no carpets, curtains, washing machine or fridge, and he did not have enough money to purchase the basic items he needed.

Thanks to the help he received from SSAFA, Alan no longer has to go shopping on a daily basis or hand wash his clothes.

Our partnership with Indesit means that white goods and household appliances can be obtained for those in need using funds from our supporters.