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Norman & Joseph Cunningham

Stories from the First World War

Norman Cunningham

Nikki Cunningham shares the story of her grandfather, Norman, and his brother, Joseph, who were separated in battle.

"My grandfather, Norman Cunningham, was born in 1892 in Hexham, Northumberland. He and his brother Joseph were both in the Northumberland Fusiliers when they fought in the Battle of Ypres. After a heavy battle my grandfather lost contact with his brother. Even though he was injured in the arm he searched all over the battlefield for his brother, but couldn't find him. He was later captured and taken as a prisoner of war. After the war, upon being released, he returned home but he never forgave himself for what he saw as not taking care of his younger brother. "His brother Joseph was never found and was declared missing in action, presumed killed in action. My grandfather passed away in 1964, aged 71."