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The Egerton Family

Stories from the First World War

The Egerton Family

Sir Andrew Gregory, SSAFA CEO, shared the story of his great-grandfather and his three sons:

The Egerton Family

"The picture shows my great grandfather, Field Marshal Sir Charles Egerton, with his three sons, taken in about 1894. 

L-R: Jim, Charles, Wion, Sir Charles

His eldest son, Wion joined the Royal Navy and, as a Commander, was the captain of HMS LANCE when it fired the first British shot of the First World War on 5 August 1914, sinking the German minelayer Konigin Luise. He came out of retirement at the start of the Second World War but, as the commodore of North Atlantic Convoy ON 154, Vice Admiral Wion de Malpas Egerton was lost at sea on 1 January 1943. 

His youngest son, Captain Charles Caledon Egerton, was killed in action on 18 April 1915, just a few months after he had got married.

I have a letter from Sir Charles to Jim, his middle son, dated 3 November 1918, congratulating him that his campaign was finally over. Tragically, Jim – Major James Boswell Egerton - had been killed in action in Mesopotamia on 27 October 1918 and is buried at Basra, now part of Iraq."