A history of D-Day and SSAFA's work

A history of D-Day

6 June 1944

In 2015 it is seventy-one years since D-Day. Seven decades on, the world still owes a great deal to those who sacrificed so much.

Many of those who survived have needed SSAFA’s help over the years. From the war widow facing hardship to the elderly veteran needing housing adaptations we have been proud to show our support. We are equally grateful that others have given their time as volunteers.

Remembering D-Day

Monty asks for SSAFA

In the knowledge that his family at home are being well cared for by SSAFA, the soldier fighting overseas may wholeheartedly devote himself to his duty, without being worried by family troubles and hampered in the efficient execution of his duty.

From a letter written by General Montgomery, Commander of 21st Army Group, later to become the British Liberation Army (BLA) and British Army of the Rhine (BAOR).