renowned war photographer Robert Wilson's iconic image of currently serving women and veterans from the British military


Natalie from West London is a Royal Naval Reservist

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Natalie became a Navy Reservist in 2001 and was mobilised and deployed in March 2009 for a year to undertake ship protection duties in the Gulf. Her job as a reservist involves overseeing initial naval training for new reservists.

Natalie met her husband, who was also a Naval Reservist, when they were deployed as part of Operation Telic in 2009.  They are now expecting their first child together later this year.

Petty Officer Natalie Corney Petty Officer Natalie Corney in uniform



















On her involvement in the campaign Petty Officer Natalie, said:

"There has been a rapid change from no women in the military to where we are today, with women now even serving on submarines and holding some of the highest positions.  This has had a massively positive impact on perceptions of their abilities and their own ambitions. 

 "Being a reserve is an opportunity to do something out of your normal daily routine.  We do get fewer women interested in joining than men but they shouldn't be put off. Being a reservist is a fantastic opportunity and if I can do it, then absolutely anyone can!

 "It was a real honour and fantastic experience to take part in the photoshoot to celebrate the centenary of women in our Armed Forces.  Charities like SSAFA are crucial to the military, as serving often means your family face unique and different challenges to everyone else.  SSAFA really understand those challenges and provide practical and emotional support that can make all the difference."

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