renowned war photographer Robert Wilson's iconic image of currently serving women and veterans from the British military

Flight Lieutenant Nosheen Chaudry

Currently serving in the RAF

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Flight Lieutenant Nosheen Chaudry

Nosheen, 35 was inspired to join the RAF after being a member of the Air Training Corps from a young age.  Nosheen applied for a Royal Airforce Bursery and studied for an engineering degree and joined the RAF when she graduated. 

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Flight Lieutenant Nosheen Chaudry joined the RAF as an Aerosystems Engineer Officer. She started her career in Joint Helicopter Command with postings to RNAS Yoevilton and RAF Odiham.

Later on in her career, Nosheen did a tour with the Red Arrows as Officer Commanding Engineering Support Flight before joining 12(B) Squadron as their Junior Engineering Officer.

Flight Lieutenant Nosheen Chaudry said:

“It's important to celebrate women's roles in the military because we need to create awareness about what we do and how far we've come. 

“Across the Armed Forces there is a drive for equality and diversity. Recognising that women can thrive in roles and responsibilities on an equal playing field with men has been a very important development.

"Taking part in the SSAFA photoshoot was great as it’s always nice to do something completely different.  Charities like SSAFA offer support throughout an individual's lifetime. If you have ever been a serving member of the Armed Forces your service is recognised by SSAFA and you will always be part of the service family.”

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