Michelle Partington | International Women's Day


Michelle was the first RAF female paramedic on the front line. Watch her video

Michelle Partington - courage

"It doesn't make him any different to me, just because his genitalia is different to mine."

To Michelle, when she was met with the phrase "gender specific", it simply meant it was yet another challenge to take on.

The challenge to show that being a woman had absolutely no bearing on her ability to save lives on the front line in combat situations most of us can't even begin to comprehend. 

If you've got what it takes, women should be able to do any job

Coming home with PTSD

When Michelle came back after her second tour, the traumatic events of serving on the front line caught up with her. She was diagnosed with PTSD and planned to take her own life. Thankfully she's here to tell us how she came back from the brink and how she's now using her experiences positively, helping others in the position she found herself in.

The nightmares were that bad I wet the bed